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Our processes pre-documented at 90% and adaptable to your reality

Documenting according to the best practices of the industry, it is fueling the memory of the organization and ensuring sustainability. At 1SIMPLE1, we offer 90% pre-documented processes and procedures (short and concise).


Scan and archive your information, makes sure to have a corporate memory in case of disaster (fire, flood, hurricane, earthquake, etc.) and also ensure business continuity.Read More

Web Solutions

Developing a website allows not only to give a 24 × 7 visibility around the world and to attract other potential customers, but also to increase its turnover. Read More


Implementing processes in an ITSM / BSM (IT Service Management / Business Service Management) solution determines the success or failure of an ITSM / BSM project at different levels: tool configuration and management human change. Read More


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