Web Solutions

Web Solutions

Developing a website, not only gives you 24×7 visibility around the world and attracts other potential customers, but also increases Business turnover.

Your needs

Modern organizations understand that to exist and compete, they must have a web presence with innovative and adaptable solutions as per as for traditional platforms (PC / Mac) and mobile platforms (tablet, smart phone). However, they cannot afford a long and expensive development time at the risk of losing their competitive advantages.

Our solution

At 1SIMPLE1, we offer web development accelerators that use different proven CMS like: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Wix, etc. Our solutions, developed by experts, have the advantage of giving you modern sites, adaptable to mobile devices, which are reliable and safe with record time development process. These solutions allow:

  • Simplicity and robustness;
  • Evolution over time without a great effort;
  • Enjoy Web 2.0 (with social networks: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instangram, etc.)


  • Fast delivery of web platform;
  • Website supported by technical experts and design experts;
  • Web site supporting¬† E-commerce;
  • Website that accepts different types of online payments: PayPal, Moneris, Square, credit / debit card, etc.
  • Website supporting mobile versions and different platforms (OS, Windows, etc.)

Customer experience

1SIMPLE1 is always oriented towards concrete solutions. Among the customers who have experienced our Web Express solution, we note:

  • AMQ, 1SIMPLE1, etc.

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