ITSM / BSM implementation

ITSM/ BSM Implementation

Implementing processes in an ITSM / BSM (IT Service Management / Business Service Management) solution determines the success or failure of an ITSM / BSM project on different levels: tool configuration and human change management.

Your Needs

The acquisition of ITSM / BSM solution (proprietary or open source) is an important step towards automating operations and increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization. But if the implementation is poorly framed, the expected results will not be achieved. Hence, the need to be coached by tool implementation specialists.

Our Solution

At 1SIMPLE1, we offer implementation tools for ITSM / BSM solutions. Our tool specialists support you through all stages of the solution life cycle: selection, proof of concepts, implementation, configuration, operations and retirement. Our specialists have good knowledge of tools like ServiceNow, HPSM, GLPI, iTop, etc.

In addition to the ITSM / BSM tool, we also support you through change management.

Added value for our customers

  • Take advantage of expertise of the tools at low costs;
  • Rapidly deploy your solutions;
  • Avoid common errors during the implementation of the tools;
  • Receive advice on the selection of tools in relation to your activity profile;
  • Automate your low added value activities;
  • Easily meet the requirements of internal auditors;
  • Establish visual dashboards based on your metrics (e.g. average processing time versus the organizational target);

Customer experience

1SIMPLE1 is always focused towards concrete solutions. Customers who have experienced our ITSM / BSM solution include:

  • 1SIMPLE1, SIDIBE Group



ITSM/ BSM Implementation

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