Archiving and continuity

Archiving and continuity

Digitizing and archiving your information enables you to have an organizational memory in the case of disasters (fire, flood, hurricane, earthquake, etc.) and ensures business continuity.

Your needs

Modern organizations know that risk management and compliance (where applicable) are part of the organization’s governance. To ensure business continuity in the event of a disaster, organizations must establish a contingency plan that includes the archiving of their data, taking into account their recovery point objectives (RPO) and their recovery time objectives (RTO).

Our solution

1SIMPLE1 offers archiving and continuity solutions to help you continue your business operations, no matter how risky your business may be. Also, it offers solutions and tips to help you comply with regulatory requirements regarding different retention policies and regulations. These solutions, based on proprietary tools and free software (open source), take into account among others:

  • Preparation of the risk profile of your organization;
  • BIA – Organizational Impact Analysis;
  • Archiving plan;
  • Integrated Data Management Plan (IDM);
  • Etc.

Added value for our customers

  • Benefit from low-cost expertise;
  • Easy integration of best practices (ISACA, NIST, SANS, etc.);
  • Decreased insurance costs;
  • Assurance of the continuity of your business operations in the event of disasters;
  • Increased compliance;
  • Higher customer trust towards your organization;
  • Automated archiving of your data;

Customer experience

1SIMPLE1 is always oriented towards concrete solutions. Customers who have experienced our archiving and continuity solution include:

  • 1SIMPLE1, RRQ / Retraite Québec


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Archiving and Continuity

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